Our methodology.

We use best-practice methodologies in social, digital and traditional media, and bridge them to build effective integrated media campaigns and long-term strategies for our clients. We call this the Virtuous Cycle of media engagement.

The Virtuous Cycle rests on three primary pillars: planning, measurement and iteration.


When a new client comes on board, we research and then plan your social and digital content mix. Your strategy is based on the goals you communicate to us, and your execution plan: this normally includes a detailed content calendar, major time-sensitive campaigns, and potential brand partnerships built in. We have the capacity to produce and manage everything for you in the execution phase, or we can support you while you execute on your own: you can be as involved or as arms-reach as you prefer.


Every client receives a comprehensive measurement structure to determine the success of your campaign - and, most importantly, analysis on our end that will help you determine why the campaign was successful. We don't just measure top-line variables: we know how to choose the right variables to measure, and how to integrate measurement across channels to create a useful, valuable 360-degree analysis.


Measurement isn't just there to celebrate good results: its purpose is to help us understand areas of strength and areas of improvement, so that we can make changes based on the information we gather, and to continually iterate the planning, execution, and measurement phases to create continuous growth.